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Yavi Raga Fern Silk Shirt Red
Yavi Raga Fern Silk Shirt Red
Yavi Raga Fern Silk Shirt Red

Yavi Raga Fern Silk Shirt Red


AW20 Raga Fern Silk Woven Shirt Dress - shibori is a complicated process of dying traditional Japanese technique. The fabric is dyed by binding stitching folding twisting and compression. An element of the unexpected is always present. This is it's characteristic and strongest appeal. All pieces are unique. 

The label’s conscience lies, in using traditional hand-crafting and hand-painting techniques. Evolving them to create a state-of-the-art aesthetic; which brings formidable substance and value to the brand.

Each creation goes through an enchanting odyssey. Loved and nurtured by several skilled craftsmen at every stage, to create a conscious, unique and sophisticated end product for everyday understated luxury.

The Label finds it’s imperative inspiration, in an innocent, ethereal rather than evident, chimera. A dream to weave a heaven of it’s own. Make it’s wearers feel special. Feel caressed, in the arms of creativity and comfort.
Colour name Red

Vendor: yavi

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