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About Us

At CollardManson we like to think for ourselves. We only stock what we believe in. If we don't believe in it we don't buy it. We've always believed that if we like it hopefully someone else will also like it!

We love to create and also curate. We have had a shop in Sheffield since 2002. We love nomadic, spiritual bohemian pieces.

We make some pieces in Sheffield and London. We also buy others from all across the world. Many of our products are handmade and we always try to source our products from fair trade suppliers. We visit where our products are made and over the years have become friends with the makers. We have worked with many of the factories for over 10 years, some even longer.

CollardManson was founded in September 2002. We have been selling online since 2005.

CollardManson bags have been stocked in the finest boutiques and the most beautiful department stores across pretty much every European City and across the world. From Moscow to Kuwait, from Berlin to Adelaide from Oslo to Coleraine. 

We hope you feel comfortable with us. We'd love to know what books you are reading, what music you are listening to and what labels you love. Don't be a stranger.

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