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About Us

At CollardManson we like to think for ourselves. We reference trends but we don't necessarily follow them. We have pretty uncompromising ideas about fashion and arts which has led to a strong and recognisable identity. This is visible throughout our shop, designs and online. We only stock what we believe in. If we don't believe in it we don't buy it. 

CollardManson bags have been stocked in the finest boutiques and the most beautiful department stores across pretty much every European City and across the world. From Moscow to Kuwait, from Berlin to Adelaide from Oslo to Coleraine. 

CollardManson was founded in September 2002. We have been selling online since 2003. We hope you feel comfortable with us. We'd love to know what books you are reading, what music you are listening to and what labels you love. 

We love to collaborate. Don't be a stranger.

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