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Nomad Society


Our Story

The destination for those who roam

Our collection of hand poured scented soy candles are talismans from days spent in the water and nights under the stars.


Nomad n.



1550s, from Middle French nomade (16c.), from Latin Nomas (genitive Nomadis) “Wandering groups in Arabia.”

1) A person who continually moves from place to place: wanderer

The Nomad Society encapsulates our love of travel. Daydreamer at heart, our collection invokes a sense of wanderlust.

The Nomad Society is for the globetrotters amongst us wanting to bring back a talisman from our days spent by the beach and under the stars.

Our collection of hand poured scented soy candles embrace our nomadic lifestyles. We hand pour in small batches, taking pride in using no mass production in the making of any of our products. All our candles are phthalate free.



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